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Serpentine-top settee
Sqare-back Settee
Continuous-Arm Settee
Low back Settee
Comb-back settee


Continuous Arm Windsor Settee
Continuous-Arm Settee​

This elegant settee in a love-seat size has the "presence" and practicality that one looks for in a settee, yet it is small enough to be able to fit into a niche in a room or in a hall. The softened, dome-shaped seat-front of this piece is modeled after better antique examples which were designed to simulate the shape of an upholstered seat.  A contemporary piece in white oak and walnut is shown in the final image.

Height 38"

Length 46"

No longer available for purchase

Sqareback Windsor Settee
Windsor Settee
Handmade Windsor Settees
Federalist Painted Settee
Square-Back Settee

A number of very late 18th- and early 19th-century Windsor forms became square-topped, following the prevailing fashion of Federal furniture. The settee shown in black with gilt decorations and Mahogany arms was one of four made for the dome room at Monticello.

Height 36"

Length 52"

Price $1900 - $2250

squareback settee
Serpentine Top
Serpentine Top Settee
Rams horn arm stumps
Hand made Windsor style settee
Natural finish Settee
Serpentine-Top Settee

This elegant settee has rams-horn arm stumps like the serpentine-top armchair. It was inspired by a Delaware Valley piece in the Yale University study collection. Shown here on display at the Washington Street Gallery in love-seat length, it was also made in a 5 ½ foot length.  Handsome with a seat in natural figured tupelo (shown here) or in curly maple.  Natural or painted arms.

Height 37"

Lengths 50" or 67"

No longer available for purchase.

Mahogany arms Settee
Comb-back Windsor Settee
Windsor mahogany claw arms
Comb-Back Settee​

All settees are chairs that have been stretched to a desired length while adjusting proportions for aesthetic balance.  The comb-back settee shown here has Mahogany arm-fronts.

Overall Height 43"

Length 58"

Price $1850- $2000 depending on finish & detail 

lowback settee
Low-Back Settee

This short version of the classic, Philadelphia, low-back settee was inspired by a piece in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Low-back settees have the advantage of fitting under windows, and thus do not obstruct the view.  Available in lengths up to 7 feet.​

Overall Height 29"

Length 52"

Price as shown $1750

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