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Moon armchair
Shield-Seat Comb-Back
Bow-Back Side
Sack-Back Armchair
Fanback Side
Nantucket Fanback
Philadelphia Heavy-Arm
Moon Sidechair
Bamboo comb back arm chair
comb-back arm chair
Baluster Comb back arm chair
Comb-back armchair
Comb back arm chair
Comb-Back Armchair

Crested chairs are so called because their backs terminate with a steambent comb-piece, or crest, which may be carved or left plain. To the casual observer, such chairs may appear to be fragile, but because their spindles are of riven (split) wood, they are very flexible and sturdy. Crested Windsors are exceptionally comfortable. Available with a variety of leg turning patterns, plain or knuckled arms, & plain or carved crest.

Overall Height 44"

Seat Width 22"

Price $950 - $1200 depending on detail

Comb-back arm
Sack back windsor rocker
Fan-back Windsor Rocker
Sack-back Windsor Rocker
Windsor Rockers

Early Windsors were rarely made as rockers.  Most that have been found were converted from standard chairs. Nevertheless, a number of Windsor forms lend themselves very nicely to the construction of comfortable rocking chairs, of which two are shown here.


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Windsor Chair made by hand
hand made Windsor chair detail
Serpentine Square-Top
Side Chair

Like many 18th-century Windsors, the architecture of this chair was originally designed to mimic the most elegant furniture of that period. The serpentine crest and upright styles are joined in a traditional manner with pinned mortice and tenon joints. This is a very comfortable side chair. With special thanks to Howard Szmolko who made numerous chairs in this style.

See Moon Arm Chair.

Overall Height 35"

Price $850 - $975 depending on finish 

Bow-Back Side Chair

Probably the most popular of all Windsor forms, bow-backs were made in various styles and regional interpretations beginning about 1780. The chair shown here would be considered typical of the best New England versions, with the exception of the elegant brace-back, making it a rarer and perhaps more desirable form. This chair can be made with or without the brace and with a variety of leg turning patterns.

Overall Height 37"

Seat Width 17"

Price $900 ($825 without brace)

Bowback side
Fanback Side Chair

The obvious companion for the comb-back armchair, the fanback side chair is also exceptionally comfortable. The pieces shown here have carved voluted crest “ears”and are painted in the Rhode Island style (dark green) and Philadelphia style (dark red). This chair can also be made without the voluted crest and with a variety of leg turning patterns. Available in white oak, hickory, sugar maple, and tulip poplar.

Overall Height 37"

Seat Width 17"

Price $875  ($800 without carved crest)

Fanback Side
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