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Moon armchair
Shield-Seat Comb-Back
Bow-Back Side
Fanback Side
Nantucket Fanback
Moon Sidechair
Sack-Back armchair
Philadelphia Heavy-Arm

Windsor Chairs

Many of these Windsor chairs are close replicas of 18th century pieces from public or private collections. A few are somewhat interpretive and offer the artist's choices for style, proportion, and comfort. Chairs can be made to order with custom colors, finishes, and details, as well as exacting reproductions of specific antiques.

Moon armchair in blue
Moon armch detail, Pretty maidens model a chair at Waterford
Moon armch detPinned mortice and tenon crest-1
Serpentine Square-Top Armchair

Serpentine square-back Windsors like this were made by the William Moon family of craftsmen between 1790 and 1820 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They were also made by Wm. Letchworth in Philadelphia. Cyma curved mahogany arms add to the graceful and highly decorative form that is also very comfortable to sit in. Shown here in several bright colors with striping; these chairs are also handsome in dark paint colors.

Overall Height 35"

Overall Width 23"

No longer available for purchase.

Moon Arm
Shield Seat Comb-Back
Shield Seat Comb-Back

This is a replica of one of the later, very stylish Philadelphia comb-backs, characterized by their rakish knuckled arms and narrow comb and, of course, the shield-shaped seat. Employs sawed arm construction and is available with painted arms or with natural arms in mahogany, walnut, or curly maple.  Also shown in all walnut, cherry, and curly maple, each with hickory back spindles.  Models for these chairs came from a study of three chairs form Independence Hall National Historic Park.

Overall Height 42"

Overall Width 27"

Price $1450 - $1900 depending on finish 

Nantucket Fanback Armchair
Nantucket Fanback Armchair

Fanback armchairs are probably the most notable Windsor chair. These ample chairs feature an elegant architecture that’s characterized by a mortised tailpiece that supports the widely-spaced brace spindles. This design was the result of close study of a chair in the Yale University Art Gallery collection. The single-board seat is a full 19 inches deep, not counting the brace.  This chair is available in stained mixed woods, walnut, cherry, or curly maple, or can be painted Windsor Green like the original.

Overall Height 47"

Overall Width 26"

Walnut, cherry, maple chair $2000

Painted chair $1500

Shield Seat Comb-Back
Philadelphia Heavy Arm
Comb-Back Chair

This large comb-back chair with sawed arm construction is modeled after the best Philadelphia work. Painted chairs with Mahogany arm fronts were a clever and effective way to elevate the Windsor armchair to compete with high-end cabinetmakers’ chairs in the 18th century.  Excellent as a stand-alone chair or for use as a dining chair.  Also available in curly maple, cherry, and walnut with hickory back spindles, or as a completely  painted chair.   

Overall Height 45"

Overall Width 26"

Painted chair with mahogany arms $1600

Maple, cherry, or walnut $2000

Continuous-Arm Chair

First introduced around 1790, the "continuous-bow" Windsor was produced primarily by New York and New England chairmakers. The chairs shown here were inspired by the best New York and New England examples with a somewhat wider (19") seat than the originals. This is a very comfortable chair with the advantage of not only being a very graceful form, but also it takes up less room than many other Windsor armchairs. ​Available with or without the brace-back feature.

Overall Height 38"

Seat Width 19"

Price $975 - $1200 depending on finish & detail 

Sackback Armchair
Sack-Back Armchair

The earliest American Windsors were made in Philadelphia and were simply known as "Philadelphia chairs." Among them, the "sack back'd" chair was a very popular form which was later made in other regions.  This chair is made with either a steam-bent arm and oval seat or a heavy (sawed) arm with a shield seat. Available in white oak, hickory, sugar maple, and tulip poplar.

Overall Height 38"

Overall Width 24"

Price $1050 - $1500 

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